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7th-Aug-2006 01:08 pm
Forever & a Day

[an Organization XIII Fan Soundtrack]

So after quite some time I have completed an absolutely huge FST for the Organization XIII. Xandrei and Actor suggested many songs as well. A lot of the music is from here and there. There are a few repeated artists such as Muse and 10 Years but that's because the songs fit so well. :D

As a note, descriptions and songs contain spoilers for Chain of Memories and KHII! Thought I'd warn you. :3

Please enjoy the music!

O. “Long Way Down” by Haste the Day

It is a confusing subject as to why Nobodies existed in the first place. They were cast off and forgotten. They are people without hearts and they their existence is filled with longing and hatred. They seem to only be half human.

I. “Dark Shines” by Muse
Xemnas theme song

Xemnas has always had an obsession with anger, rage, and darkness. He uses its power and lets it consume everything around him. He makes no effort to conceal it and tends to force it upon people.

I B. “The Recipe” by 10 Years
Xemnas theme song 2

Xemnas’ complete being is filled with evil. He wants nothing more than to achieve his goals despite the effects on others. He preys on others and gains even more power for himself.

I C. “Figure 8” by Trust Company
Xemnas theme song 3

Everything about the Organization XIII comes back ground to its Superior, Xemnas. He “rules” like no other would and is the leader by default. While he sees it has uses, he is ruthless when it comes to his own objectives.

II. “A Favor House Atlantic” by Coheed and Cambria
Xigbar theme song

The destruction of the Organization XIII at the hands of Sora surely had an effect of many of its members, include Xigbar. The sniper surely found this a great loss and it hurt deeply. He would take action against any of those who could do such a thing.

III. “Wasteland” by 10 Years
Xaldin theme song

Xaldin was one of the more independent members of Organization XIII. He also never felt the need to protect anyone from anything. If you could not defend yourself, you weren’t worth keeping alive. He also twisted the meanings of words to work for him and against others only to achieve his intentions.

IV. “Camisado” by Panic! At the Disco
Vexen theme song

Vexen was a little more ‘lively’ than many of the other Organization members. He was easily angered and even a little reckless. He constantly got involved in controversy over whatever he believed in and generally felt it was best to further his own goals before anyone elses.

V. “We Are” by Ana
Lexaeus theme song

Lexaeus always did what he felt was best for Organization XIII, especially since was one of the founding members. That included taking matters into his own hand and purging the Organization of any evil he felt may be there. It didn’t matter whether anyone else agreed with him, as long as justice was served, it was okay.

VI. “Quicken” by Thousand Foot Krutch
Zexion theme song

The analyzing mind of Zexion realized what Nobodies are more than anybody. Despite the efforts of Riku and Sora, he promises that he’ll make sure that the outcome of the Organization is to his liking, even if he has to take matters in his own hands where he later finds his own death.

VII. “Monsters” by Matchbook Romance
Saix theme song

More than any other members of the Organization XIII did Saix seem to be the most manipulative. Though he had no heart, he would feign such an existence and use the feelings of others to get them to do what he pleased.

VII B. “Asrun Dream” by Gackt
Saix theme song 2

Saix is well known as the “Luna Diviner”. He draws his power from the moon and is strengthened by its light. He also knows well the traits of the Heart and knows how to bend what it feels to his own will only due from his own past experiences.

VIII. “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica
Axel theme song

Other than Roxas, Axel was the one who resented the Organization XIII the most. He disliked how they worked and though he agreed with their goals of getting a heart, he rebelled against almost anything they did. He also took the fact that he was a Nobody very deep to heart.

VIII B. “I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You” by Alan Parsons Project
Axel theme song 2

Not only did Axel dislike the Organization, but there were many members he disliked (He only really liked Roxas, remember?). That lead to him taking his own objectives to heart and following his own path that was not created by the Organization.

VIII C. “Remember” by Josh Groban
Axel theme song 3

One of the most tragic deaths in Kingdom Hearts II was that of Axel. He died protecting Sora, who at the time contained his best friend, Roxas. He wanted nothing more than to be with Roxas and get him back after he left the Organization XIII. If he could not bring him back, he would protect the boy and hope he still held him in his heart.

IX. “Waiting” by Over It
Demyx theme song

Demyx’s whole reasoning for joining the Organization XIII was to regain his lost heart even though he was the grunt to do everyone’s dirty work. But still he pressed on to get that one thing he truly desired.

IX B. “By Myself” by Linkin Park
Demyx theme song 2

Sometimes the wish to have a heart would distort Demyx’s judgment and we would follow orders no matter what. He would only wish to stop doing such dirty work if he could but he could not get a heart by himself.

X. “The Turn of A Friendly Card, Pt. 1” by Alan Parsons Project
Luxord theme song

Lurxord is well known for his luck and gambling skills. Many things that play out before him are drawn back to his favorite past time. He also has a very sarcastic and questioning mind and will ask his adversaries what may happen if he does ‘this’ or ‘that’. He is very observant and hope for few people.

XI. “Hysteria” by Muse
Marluxia theme song

Marluxia craved for nothing more than the Organization XIII. He would do anything to take power, even steal the Keyblade Bearer for his own purposes. He warped Sora’s memories with the help of Namine and would use him as a twisted soul in order to conquer the Nobodies.

XI B. “Wall of Shame” by Course of Nature
Marluxia theme song 2

Marluxia would break or bend anything he needed to in order to acquire the position of Superior. He would even combat Sora when his plans failed. He, however, failed miserably and saw all of his plans and dreams crumble at the hands of a mere boy.

XII. “Space Dementia” by Muse
Larxene theme song

Larxene could be considered the sadist of the Organization despite her being a woman. She was cruel and to the point. She would let no one control her and did whatever she felt were in her best interests. And being in a group of all men except for herself, it is a sure fact that she was ‘exceptional’ in their eyes.

XIII. “Almost, Always Maybe” by Let Go
Roxas theme song

Roxas existed well as a Nobody and an Organization XIII member until he heard of Sora and decided it was best to leave. He told no one of what he would do and cared little for the Organization. He would even leave his best friend Axel behind and would venture out into the unknown. Roxas was extremely independent and would except help from no one.

XIII B. “Breaking the Habit” by Linkin Park
Roxas theme song 2

Roxas was a little more confused when his memories were taken away and had his personality replaced. He was stuck in a fake world but when the real world started to leak in, he felt it all to be overwhelming. He wanted nothing more than to stay in this world and happy. Roxas did not want to deal with anything like the possibilities of no longer existing and Sora but could find no way around it.

XIII C. “Je Cours” by Kyo
Roxas Theme 3

Roxas felt more than alone in the vast universe. He constantly ran until he was lost in DiZ’s Twilight Town. When he learned of the truth, he just wanted to run back to the small world where he was happy with his friends. He did not to question existence or to disappear.

XIV. “Dreaming” by BT
Naminé theme song

Naminé has been considered a witch, one that can manipulate the memories of people who are linked to Sora. She would be able to replace hurtful memories with more comforting. Many times she appeared to Sora as a caring person and would help him through the toughest of times in Castle Oblivion. She eventually returned his memories and sent him on his way with a heavy heart.

XIV B. Am I Missing?” by Dashboard Confessional
Naminé theme song 2

Just coping with the fact that you shouldn’t exist is difficult. It is even worse when you have to tell another person they were not suppose to exist like Naminé did. She tried her best to comfort Roxas in the tough time but would even question her own existence and why she was really here.

XV. “Meant to Live” by Switchfoot
Striving for More

Nobodies have a tougher life than most. They may have no hearts but they still have souls and dreams. They wish for more and don’t want to just fade into the darkness. If they can get a heart, they can once again be considered equals to everyone else. Why not wish for more?

XVI. “Nemo (Orchestral Version)” by Nightwish

Members of the Organization leave their past lives behind. They take on a new name and strive for just one goal: a heart and Kingdom Hearts. They walk the paths of darkness because that is all that is offered to them and are lost without what they seek. One can only think that they are in pain.
7th-Aug-2006 05:19 pm (UTC) - OOC

haha I love yoooou~! I love these songs...now I want them! *goes to get them for her iPod* :D
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