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AHR Comeplation FST 
15th-Aug-2006 10:30 am
Forever & a Day
So quite a few months back I had a glorious idea. What if all the AHR players got together and made an FST related to the RPG? Each member would be able to submit a song or two that reminds them of the subject decided upon. We would be able to make multiple FSTs and it'd be AWESOME.

This is basically how it would work, every member who wants (you don't have to) participate would search for a song related to the selected topic and email either the song or download to myself (Skwinky). Then we put them all together and make a super sexy FST.

The first topic will be on the overall AHR story. The Organization XIII returning, lost memories, regained hearts, reuniting with people, ect. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask!

The following is a list of already selected songs:

1) "Karma Slave" by Splashdown

Let's get crackin'!
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