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[A] [H]eart [R]eborn---- media
20th-Aug-2006 10:25 pm
Characters: Reno, Tidus, Demyx, Zidane, Hayner, Urahara, Ichigo, Rufus, Aizen, Gin
Time: n/a
Content: .......insanity? o0; Lots of confusion with not knowing people. *nodnod*

sharpgogglesman (11:54:05 PM) has entered the room.
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:54:05 PM) has entered the room.
OffKeyIX (11:54:05 PM) has entered the room.
terranmonkey (11:54:05 PM) has entered the room.
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:54:09 PM): o.o
sharpgogglesman (11:54:09 PM): Off key of --- a monkey?
sharpgogglesman (11:54:15 PM): wtf?
OffKeyIX (11:54:16 PM): Monkeys?
terranmonkey (11:54:18 PM): Genome thanks. :p
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:54:20 PM): monkey?
sharpgogglesman (11:54:22 PM): What?
terranmonkey (11:54:23 PM): *points at his tail*
OffKeyIX (11:54:24 PM): Monkey.
OffKeyIX (11:54:28 PM): O_O
sharpgogglesman (11:54:31 PM): Yeah okay.
terranmonkey (11:54:37 PM): I'm not ACTUALLY a monkey, okay? Sheesh.
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:54:44 PM): I am confused! D:
terranmonkey (11:54:47 PM): What did I do, walk into an idiot convention? *looks around*
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:54:53 PM): Why is there a money!?
sharpgogglesman (11:54:54 PM): ....
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:54:56 PM): *monkey
sharpgogglesman (11:54:57 PM): Hey there.
OffKeyIX (11:55:02 PM): Money?
terranmonkey (11:55:03 PM): For god's sake I'M NOT A MONKEY
OffKeyIX (11:55:09 PM): But you have a tail!
OffKeyIX (11:55:12 PM): Like a monkey...
OffKeyIX (11:55:13 PM): D:
streetxsmarter (11:55:13 PM) has entered the room.
sharpgogglesman (11:55:17 PM): .....
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:55:19 PM): ....
streetxsmarter (11:55:24 PM): ....
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:55:28 PM): Who are you?
streetxsmarter (11:55:32 PM): Who are YOU?
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:55:34 PM): I'm Tidus!
streetxsmarter (11:55:39 PM): Weird name.
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:55:43 PM): Star player of the Zanarkand Abes :-D
sharpgogglesman (11:55:49 PM): What kind of name is "Streetxsmarter"?
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:55:53 PM): Really.
streetxsmarter (11:55:58 PM): The what and... !!
OffKeyIX (11:56:01 PM): I'm Demyx!
streetxsmarter (11:56:01 PM): Quiet you!
streetxsmarter (11:56:03 PM): ....
sharpgogglesman (11:56:05 PM): ....
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:56:13 PM): ^^ cool name, Demyx!
streetxsmarter (11:56:23 PM): I think it's weird too.
streetxsmarter (11:56:29 PM): It sounds like a name all mixed up or something.
sharpgogglesman (11:56:44 PM): So then what's your all fabulous name?
OffKeyIX (11:56:46 PM): It... kind of is :O
streetxsmarter (11:56:50 PM): I'm Hayner.
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:56:54 PM): Ha.
sharpgogglesman (11:56:56 PM): Ah.
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:56:57 PM): That's weird.
streetxsmarter (11:57:04 PM): You're weird. >P
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:57:08 PM): its like Hay for animals.
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:57:11 PM): X3
terranmonkey (11:57:12 PM): *snerk*
sandalxhat (11:57:14 PM) has entered the room.
terranmonkey (11:57:16 PM): HEY.
streetxsmarter (11:57:16 PM): No it's not.
streetxsmarter (11:57:18 PM): Wtf are you?
terranmonkey (11:57:18 PM): Wait a minute.
terranmonkey (11:57:19 PM): =_=
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:57:26 PM): human, duh.
sandalxhat (11:57:26 PM): Welllll hello my lovelies <3333333
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:57:29 PM): o.o
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:57:31 PM): wtf?
terranmonkey (11:57:33 PM): o0;
OffKeyIX (11:57:33 PM): Huh?
streetxsmarter (11:57:34 PM): wf?
streetxsmarter (11:57:38 PM): **wtf?
sharpgogglesman (11:57:45 PM): ...
sandalxhat (11:58:00 PM): ...Eh?
terranmonkey (11:58:04 PM): Zidane Tribal at your ...service? *arched eyebrow*
sharpgogglesman (11:58:08 PM): What is that "eh" for?
streetxsmarter (11:58:27 PM): ...
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:58:35 PM): This is totally getting weird.
streetxsmarter (11:58:40 PM): SandalxHat sounds like a sick internet pairing.
sandalxhat (11:58:42 PM): Ohoho~! Well in that case, Urahara Kisuke at your service *grinsparkle*
sharpgogglesman (11:58:54 PM): Someone's too perky.
sandalxhat (11:58:55 PM): ....What if it is?
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:58:57 PM): you're right, Hayner!
sandalxhat (11:58:59 PM): Ohoho.
streetxsmarter (11:59:01 PM): Thought so.
allezstrawberry (11:59:08 PM) has entered the room.
OffKeyIX (11:59:09 PM): What's a pairing?
allezstrawberry (11:59:12 PM): Pairing?
streetxsmarter (11:59:17 PM): Nothing.
streetxsmarter (11:59:18 PM): >.>
OffKeyIX (11:59:21 PM): is that what you do when you cut potatoes?
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:59:21 PM): More people?
sharpgogglesman (11:59:25 PM): You have a dirty mind.
OffKeyIX (11:59:28 PM): ...or is that... "paring"?
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:59:28 PM): EVERYONE SAY NAMES D:
sharpgogglesman (11:59:31 PM): And who are YOU now?
sharpgogglesman (11:59:34 PM): I'm Reno.
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:59:36 PM): I know no one but Reno ;-;
sandalxhat (11:59:37 PM): STRAWBERRY!
allezstrawberry (11:59:37 PM): What?
allezstrawberry (11:59:39 PM): I'm Ic--
allezstrawberry (11:59:43 PM): WHAT THE HELL!?
allezstrawberry (11:59:49 PM): WHY ARE YOU HERE?
terranmonkey (11:59:49 PM): o_O
ZanarkandnBlitz (11:59:50 PM): Strawberry?!
streetxsmarter (11:59:52 PM): ...
streetxsmarter (11:59:56 PM): Some name.
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:00:01 AM): Weird.
streetxsmarter (12:00:02 AM): I take back what I said about you two.
allezstrawberry (12:00:09 AM): It's not strawberry!
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:00:09 AM): ?
sandalxhat (12:00:17 AM): Oh but it IS strawberry
sandalxhat (12:00:22 AM): Don't listen to him <3
allezstrawberry (12:00:22 AM): Ichigo means "first protector"!
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:00:23 AM): What?
allezstrawberry (12:00:24 AM): NO
streetxsmarter (12:00:28 AM): ...
sandalxhat (12:00:33 AM): Ichigo means strawberry
sharpgogglesman (12:00:36 AM): What's with the hearts?
sandalxhat (12:00:41 AM): <3
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:00:41 AM): Ichigo it is, then.
allezstrawberry (12:00:42 AM): Quite you. >O
allezstrawberry (12:00:44 AM): Thank you.
terranmonkey (12:00:47 AM): <<
terranmonkey (12:00:49 AM): *confused*
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:00:49 AM): NOT Strawberry.
OffKeyIX (12:00:54 AM): I like strawberries...?
streetxsmarter (12:00:55 AM): *also confused*
terranmonkey (12:01:00 AM): I DON'T KNOW ANYBODY. WOOHOO.
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:01:06 AM): NEITHER DO I.
terranmonkey (12:01:06 AM): *wishes Vivi were here*
OffKeyIX (12:01:07 AM): D:
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:01:09 AM): You're not alone.
OffKeyIX (12:01:13 AM): Neither do I!
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:01:14 AM): Who's Vivi?
allezstrawberry (12:01:14 AM): I WISH I didn't know that man. *points to urahara*
sandalxhat (12:01:29 AM): Awwww, but my straw-chan!
allezstrawberry (12:01:33 AM): No.
allezstrawberry (12:01:35 AM): Stop.
sandalxhat (12:01:37 AM): <3
allezstrawberry (12:01:38 AM): So who IS everyone here?
allezstrawberry (12:01:44 AM): *holds urahara back*
OffKeyIX (12:01:49 AM): oohh!
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:01:49 AM): Tidus! I'm from Spira! :-D
sharpgogglesman (12:01:53 AM): Reno... for the second time.
OffKeyIX (12:02:02 AM): I'm Demyx! from.... somewheres!
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:02:06 AM): (XDD)
streetxsmarter (12:02:06 AM): I don't think I want to tell someone whose name is "strawberry" >P
terranmonkey (12:02:09 AM): Zidane, from... Gaia...
allezstrawberry (12:02:11 AM): WTF.
allezstrawberry (12:02:13 AM): SHUT UP.
terranmonkey (12:02:13 AM): Oh don't be pathetic.
terranmonkey (12:02:15 AM): -_-
sharpgogglesman (12:02:16 AM): Gaia?
terranmonkey (12:02:19 AM): Yeah.
sharpgogglesman (12:02:20 AM): That's where I'm from though.
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:02:22 AM): You seriously don't know where you're from, Dem? Can I call you that for short?
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:02:23 AM): o.o
sandalxhat (12:02:23 AM): But he's such a cute strawberry.
sharpgogglesman (12:02:24 AM): That's weird, yo.
allezstrawberry (12:02:27 AM): NO.
terranmonkey (12:02:29 AM): ....I've never seen anybody like you. :o
OffKeyIX (12:02:31 AM): Sure you can!
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:02:34 AM): YAY!
sharpgogglesman (12:02:40 AM): I can't say I've seen people with tails.
OffKeyIX (12:02:44 AM): I think I'm from Olympus, actually. D:
terranmonkey (12:02:45 AM): And I've been all over- well....
allezstrawberry (12:02:46 AM): *sighs*
terranmonkey (12:02:48 AM): I'm the only one. >>
sharpgogglesman (12:02:53 AM): Oh.
sharpgogglesman (12:02:55 AM): Okay.
sandalxhat (12:02:56 AM): You have a tail? *perks!*
terranmonkey (12:02:57 AM): Except... *shakes his head* Nevermind...
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:02:59 AM): I like you, Dem! X3 not broody like Auron or Leon.
OffKeyIX (12:03:04 AM): DDDD:
terranmonkey (12:03:06 AM): WTF. *runs away*
OffKeyIX (12:03:07 AM): I HOPE NOT!
sandalxhat (12:03:14 AM): ....drats.
allezstrawberry (12:03:15 AM): *snorts*
terranmonkey (12:03:23 AM): =_=; You're weird
streetxsmarter (12:03:27 AM): Who is?
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:03:29 AM): I'm in Olympus Dem!
sandalxhat (12:03:30 AM): Why thanks you.
OffKeyIX (12:03:39 AM): Are you!?
allezstrawberry (12:03:40 AM): No, he's telling the truth.
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:03:42 AM): YES!
sandalxhat (12:03:49 AM): ....And?
terranmonkey (12:03:58 AM): Sandally person. *points*
streetxsmarter (12:04:05 AM): Yeah he is.
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:04:06 AM): With a friend of my other friend's
terranmonkey (12:04:12 AM): Creepy. :E
allezstrawberry (12:04:14 AM): What was that?
sandalxhat (12:04:23 AM): I have a name, thank you.
allezstrawberry (12:04:34 AM): That's okay.
OffKeyIX (12:04:35 AM): :O
allezstrawberry (12:04:39 AM): We don't need to know.
OffKeyIX (12:04:43 AM): Where in Olympus?
terranmonkey (12:04:45 AM): And... it is?
OffKeyIX (12:04:48 AM): Maybe I missed you.... T_T
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:04:50 AM): some cave like place
sandalxhat (12:04:54 AM): Urahara~
terranmonkey (12:04:58 AM): ...that's an odd name.
terranmonkey (12:04:59 AM): o0
allezstrawberry (12:05:00 AM): *facepalm*
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:05:02 AM): with three pathways and stairs
OffKeyIX (12:05:13 AM): ....Uhm ....I think that's where I am?
sharpgogglesman (12:05:22 AM): ...
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:05:23 AM): Really?
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:05:26 AM): wow XD
sharpgogglesman (12:05:26 AM): Is anyone in Port Royal?
sandalxhat (12:05:28 AM): Well, Zidane is an odd name as well :O
allezstrawberry (12:05:36 AM): You aren't one to talk.
terranmonkey (12:05:37 AM): Is not! D:
allezstrawberry (12:05:38 AM): >/
allezstrawberry (12:05:44 AM): Don't listen to him.
allezstrawberry (12:05:48 AM): He's not in his right mind.
sandalxhat (12:05:56 AM): I am so.
allezstrawberry (12:06:00 AM): No you aren't.
sandalxhat (12:06:01 AM): I am ambidextrous
sandalxhat (12:06:06 AM): meaning I am in both my minds.
terranmonkey (12:06:08 AM): ....
terranmonkey (12:06:10 AM): That's not what--
allezstrawberry (12:06:11 AM): You send freaking notes that look like suicide messages!
terranmonkey (12:06:13 AM): ...nevermind.
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:06:18 AM): o.o
sandalxhat (12:06:21 AM): You have no sense of humor, silly boy!
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:06:21 AM): what the hell?
sandalxhat (12:06:22 AM): <3
allezstrawberry (12:06:23 AM): So THERE!
allezstrawberry (12:06:25 AM): NO!
allezstrawberry (12:06:31 AM): You're humor is cruel and twisted.
OffKeyIX (12:06:36 AM) has left the room.
allezstrawberry (12:06:36 AM): You are an evil man.
sandalxhat (12:06:40 AM): You are cruel and twisted T_T
terranmonkey (12:06:41 AM): ....o0
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:06:42 AM): D: Demyx left...
streetxsmarter (12:06:51 AM): Huh. Weird.
allezstrawberry (12:06:54 AM): I am not.
shotgunxcripple (12:07:00 AM) has entered the room.
sharpgogglesman (12:07:04 AM): Hey, Boss.
shotgunxcripple (12:07:08 AM): Hello peons.
shotgunxcripple (12:07:12 AM): *snicker*
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:07:13 AM): (whoa)
allezstrawberry (12:07:14 AM): Excuse me?
allezstrawberry (12:07:19 AM): Wtf was that for?!
terranmonkey (12:07:25 AM): Who you calling peons? D8
sandalxhat (12:07:32 AM): Pee-ons?
Godmodd (12:07:34 AM) has entered the room.
Godmodd (12:07:37 AM): Peons?
terranmonkey (12:07:42 AM): oO
sandalxhat (12:07:43 AM): ....Aizen.
terranmonkey (12:07:45 AM): Who the hell--
allezstrawberry (12:07:46 AM): >OOOOOOOO
sandalxhat (12:07:47 AM): How lovely to see you.
allezstrawberry (12:07:47 AM): YOU!
terranmonkey (12:07:51 AM): O_O
Godmodd (12:07:53 AM): Oh Urahara. Pleased.
allezstrawberry (12:07:56 AM): YOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUU!
sandalxhat (12:07:59 AM): Grand.
allezstrawberry (12:08:03 AM): *points and gapes*
Godmodd (12:08:06 AM): Yes?
terranmonkey (12:08:08 AM): Wtf is wrong with him? *points*
sharpgogglesman (12:08:12 AM): ............
sandalxhat (12:08:14 AM): Don't point, Ichigo, it's rude.
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:08:19 AM): Is not.
terranmonkey (12:08:21 AM): << *drops hand*
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:08:22 AM): *points*
streetxsmarter (12:08:25 AM): Okay. I'm going ktnx
terranmonkey (12:08:25 AM): *snickerr*
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:08:25 AM): :3
streetxsmarter (12:08:26 AM) has left the room.
shotgunxcripple (12:08:29 AM): ....What is up with your hair?
terranmonkey (12:08:33 AM): Whose?
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:08:35 AM): ?
Godmodd (12:08:36 AM): Why thank you Urahara.
Godmodd (12:08:40 AM): *smirks*
shotgunxcripple (12:08:41 AM): His. *points to Aizen*
Godmodd (12:08:47 AM): What are you talking about?
terranmonkey (12:08:48 AM): o.o
allezstrawberry (12:08:50 AM): YOUUUUUU!
shotgunxcripple (12:08:55 AM): ....Too much gel?
Godmodd (12:09:00 AM): Excuse me?
sandalxhat (12:09:06 AM): You don't have to thank me.
shotgunxcripple (12:09:17 AM): You heard me.
Godmodd (12:09:19 AM): Oh, I couldn't forget my manners, Urahara.
allezstrawberry (12:09:24 AM): *stops away*
allezstrawberry (12:09:28 AM): **stomps
allezstrawberry (12:09:36 AM): *sits far away and examines the situation*
sharpgogglesman (12:09:45 AM): Boss?
sandalxhat (12:09:46 AM): Hm. Since when did manner matter all of a sudden, Aizen-sama?
sharpgogglesman (12:09:47 AM): You know him?
shotgunxcripple (12:09:58 AM): Nope. :6
Godmodd (12:10:04 AM): Was that sarcasm, Kisuke?
sharpgogglesman (12:10:10 AM): Oh. Okay.
sandalxhat (12:10:10 AM): Of course not.
sharpgogglesman (12:10:12 AM): Nevermind.
sandalxhat (12:10:14 AM) has left the room.
Godmodd (12:10:19 AM): Of course, of course...
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:10:20 AM): *hums the Hyem* boored...
allezstrawberry (12:10:22 AM): WTF NO
allezstrawberry (12:10:26 AM): URAHARA YOU BETTER COME BACK HERE.
sharpgogglesman (12:10:33 AM): So Tidus...
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:10:36 AM): ?
sharpgogglesman (12:10:39 AM): ......
sharpgogglesman (12:10:44 AM): This is awkward in here, yo.
allezstrawberry (12:10:52 AM): URAHARA!
allezstrawberry (12:10:54 AM): >O
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:10:56 AM): It's confusing to me.
sharpgogglesman (12:11:02 AM): Exactly.
ginxrummy (12:11:03 AM) has entered the room.
ginxrummy (12:11:07 AM): Maaa~
sharpgogglesman (12:11:08 AM): Are they from another world?
allezstrawberry (12:11:11 AM): OH NOT YOU TOO!
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:11:12 AM): Most likely.
ginxrummy (12:11:13 AM): ....Now what is this?
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:11:15 AM): I've never seen them
Godmodd (12:11:19 AM): Gin, *inclines head*
ginxrummy (12:11:27 AM): ....Saa, Aizen.
allezstrawberry (12:11:29 AM) has left the room.
Godmodd (12:11:35 AM): Hmm.
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:11:41 AM): And they sure as hell never heard of Blitzball, so they clearly are from another world. X_X
sharpgogglesman (12:11:44 AM): So YOU two know each other?
shotgunxcripple (12:11:47 AM): ....This is weird.
sharpgogglesman (12:11:47 AM): Yeah.
sharpgogglesman (12:11:52 AM): >.>
terranmonkey (12:11:56 AM): Weird doens't begin to cover it.
ginxrummy (12:11:57 AM): You coul' say tha'.
Godmodd (12:11:59 AM): Of course.
terranmonkey (12:12:03 AM): Nice accent. o0
sharpgogglesman (12:12:08 AM): Yup.
ginxrummy (12:12:14 AM): Thank'ya.
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:12:19 AM): ?
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:12:23 AM): Who is that?
sharpgogglesman (12:12:26 AM): I think I'll stick with the Boss, Tidus, and the kid with the tail.
ginxrummy (12:12:32 AM): M'name's Gin.
terranmonkey (12:12:33 AM): =_= ZIDANE.
sharpgogglesman (12:12:41 AM): Oh, sorry.
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:12:44 AM): Gin? Heh...
ginxrummy (12:12:52 AM): Yes'm
Godmodd (12:13:00 AM): Shall I leave you to handle this, Ichimaru?
Godmodd (12:13:05 AM): I have buisness to attend to
Godmodd (12:13:06 AM) has left the room.
sharpgogglesman (12:13:09 AM): .....
terranmonkey (12:13:10 AM): What is with these names. @_@
sharpgogglesman (12:13:17 AM): I have no clue whatsoever.
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:13:21 AM): No idea.
ginxrummy (12:13:21 AM): Maa, he always leaves me with the boring jobs...
sharpgogglesman (12:13:26 AM): Who does?
ZanarkandnBlitz (12:13:28 AM): ?
sharpgogglesman (12:13:29 AM): Sounds like Tseng.
ginxrummy (12:13:30 AM): Aizen.
ginxrummy (12:13:38 AM): Tseng?
sharpgogglesman (12:13:39 AM): I HATE it when they do that. >.>
sharpgogglesman (12:13:47 AM): Tseng is... my boss. Or one of them.
shotgunxcripple (12:13:55 AM): Would you like more exciting jobs, Reno?
shotgunxcripple (12:14:01 AM): I can arrange that.
sharpgogglesman (12:14:03 AM): Other than flying a gummi ship?
shotgunxcripple (12:14:04 AM): >D
sharpgogglesman (12:14:07 AM): Yeah, that'd be nice, yo.
sharpgogglesman (12:14:07 AM): ...
sharpgogglesman (12:14:10 AM): What's with that face?
shotgunxcripple (12:14:13 AM): Nothing
shotgunxcripple (12:14:15 AM): >D
sharpgogglesman (12:14:16 AM): ...
terranmonkey (12:14:18 AM): Creepy. o0
sharpgogglesman (12:14:19 AM): I take it back, yo.
terranmonkey (12:14:21 AM): Looks plottish.
sharpgogglesman (12:14:21 AM): Really.
terranmonkey (12:14:33 AM): That's kinda what Kuja looked like. o0;
shotgunxcripple (12:14:35 AM): *feigns innocence*
terranmonkey (12:14:39 AM): OH.
sharpgogglesman (12:14:41 AM): Kuja?
terranmonkey (12:14:47 AM): NO I KNOW WHERE I'VE SEEN THAT FACE BEFORE.
terranmonkey (12:14:49 AM): D8
sharpgogglesman (12:14:51 AM): ...
terranmonkey (12:14:58 AM): Brahne, the ugly bitch. D:
sharpgogglesman (12:15:01 AM): Well... I think I'm going to go now...
terranmonkey (12:15:07 AM): Oh. :/
sharpgogglesman (12:15:12 AM) has left the room.
ginxrummy (12:15:35 AM) has left the room.
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