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Author: Zeng Li  Title: The Legendary Titans of Gaia Rating:… 
22nd-Aug-2006 09:13 am
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Author: Zeng Li 
Title: The Legendary Titans of Gaia
Rating: PG-13, of course. 
Disclaimer: This is, in no way, a creation/fanfiction of mine. This is an excerpt taken from the writer Zeng Li's fanfiction "The Legendary Titans of Gaia". The entire story can be found here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2498978/1/

Following the Turk chat earlier, where it's mildly hinted at the goings-on in Shin-Ra, especially in the acquisition of...difficult items, this is an excerpt of what Tseng does to get what he wants, as well as the nature of the games played within the Company itself. In this story, it's about the Turks' quest for a powerful bracelet that found itself in Scarlet's hands, and Tseng wants it. The mako-eyed Turk in hospital is in reference to Reno. It probably has nothing to do with canon (or maybe it has, considering the amount of information provided about the Turks so far >>) But anyway. It's not a creation of mine, but I'd like to post it up here for you guys all the same :D 
Timeline: A couple of years after the Wutai War.

- - -

President Shinra was a difficult man to deal with at times. Heidegger was even more difficult to deal with, and a lot louder and more obnoxious than the president himself. By comparison, Scarlet was far easier to deal with, however, one first had to knock themselves down a few levels and accept dealing with her rather unorthodox ways of granting favors.

Rumors about her and especially senior staff members ran rampant. Most were exaggerated. Many were true. Even Tseng himself hadn’t been immune in the past from the questionable “rites of passage” required to get important favors from the head of weapons development. She was easy to play, but only for those willing to play the game right.

Tseng knew that certain people, possibly even those monitoring security cameras, would have a pretty good idea as to why he was strolling through the upper levels of the Shinra tower dressed in a formal black suit, his hair tied back in a pony tail. If his dress and appearance didn’t give him away, the dozen-plus-one red roses in his hands certainly did.

Scarlet opened the door to her office on the 63rd floor. She was already dressed as if for a night on the town, nails polished, make-up over done, and a sequined dress that she never wore to just any corporate event. “I’ve been expecting you.”

Tseng smiled warmly, much as his face didn’t want to contort into such a pretentious posture for the sake of the venomous woman he had to slay or be slain by. He extended the roses to her. “For you,” he said, suppressing the fight that every cell in his body tried to counter with.

“Mmmm, thirteen roses, for me?” her tone of surprise was exceedingly phoney. “Come on in. Would you care for some wine?” she asked in an overly dramatized voice.

Life was like a choose-your-own-adventure book, and often that was her first question to get you to solve her puzzle of the night. But the more you wanted something, and the more she didn’t want you to have that something, the more elaborate her game was. There was no doubt in either one’s mind that Tseng’s visit was nothing more than ritualistic. He knew that she knew that he was playing a game. And of course, she knew that he knew that she knew that he was playing a game. Complicated, but so simple. But first, the dance.

Tseng accepted her offer of wine, but he had no intention of getting drunk and losing his control over the game. Likewise, she suspected he’d want her to outdrink him and be the one to loosen up first. The game was a stalemate before it even began.

The Turk just knew one thing that set him apart from most the other people who’d come to her for the ritual to obtain favors. She didn’t like him, and he didn’t like her.

His task under such situations was much more difficult, yet in the end, he more often than not got his way. His team appreciated his efforts and sacrifices of both ethics and decency. They didn’t ask him about the specifics involved, and when it was their turn, he didn’t ask them for the details either.

Scarlet’s superior position within the company made it all that much more difficult. Show too much force, interest, or determination, and you wouldn’t get your way no matter how much you sacrificed along the way. Give up too easily, she would torment you endlessly and it would make dealing with her under normal corporate circumstances all that much more awkward.

The two sat on the sofa, and Scarlet sat dangerously close to him. She could feel his body heat and any other subtle vibration of energy coming off his unseen aura. Tseng was smooth and in extreme control of even the subtle energies he gave off. She would check anyway, waiting for the day the strong willed Turk would crack.

“So the Wutanese jewelry means that much to you,” she said, feeling his aura and body heat for even the slightest change.

“Means a lot,” he replied. “Means I have a Turk in the hospital whose eyes will never be the same because of it.”

“Mako eyes…” Scarlet mused seductively. “Mmmm, all the more sexy it makes a man…”

Her game of complimenting others aside from her present company did not work on Tseng.

“You don’t love me?” she asked with a slight poutiness to her tone.

“I hate you, you filthy bitch,” he said, sliding his empty wine glass onto the table and leaning fully into the blond-haired woman. She let him have the first move, her hand placing her own wine glass next to his.

Tseng kissed her lavishly, his hands firmly smoothing over her hair and neck. He pushed her gently so she was lying underneath him on the sofa. She reached up and blindly found his necktie, loosening it immediately. He lowered his hips so his middle made firm contact with the moving body under his.

Both were playful for a bit, each managing to undo at least some portion of the other one’s clothes. She hadn’t quite expected him to act on her this quickly, as part of the unspoken rules of the game were often the more patient he was, the more likely she would be to do as he asked.

She could already feel him through his trousers, and she brushed her hands over his cheeks and along the hair pulled back over his ears.

“Weren’t you told that Shinra doesn’t want any more time and resources spent on this mythology of yours?” she asked, busting the mood that was pretentious as it was.

Tseng was glad she said that when she did, as his beginnings of arousal was easily ebbed this short into it’s coming. “Of course. But you know I’d still like to hold onto the arm band anyway, just in case the prez is too hasty in shutting the door on it.”

Scarlet laughed playfully, sensing Tseng was on the verge of stopping his participation in the ritualistic game. He wasn’t taken in. “You’re so serious about this,” she said in a tone contradictory to his.

“You hold such status in this company, but maybe there are some things that I’m too determined to get my hands on. I will have that jewel one way or another.” It was his turn to have his words bite with a lacing of venom.

“You’re not getting it,” she said plainly, her eyes narrowed and lips curled like a seductive viper. “You want it too badly.”

Tseng continued to assume she was talking about the bracelet engraved in the symbols of the Temple of New Light. “I’m a patient man,” he smirked deviously back at her. “You may have status of esteem in this company, but charisma will only get you so far. You’ve dealt with all the Turks at some point. You know who we are.”

“It’s too late. I know I have something you want. It means little to me.”

He sat back, lucky that his body was able to recede away from his state of forced arousal. She moved, too, back to a more comfortably seated position. It was obvious that nothing more would come of the game, and that no matter what, Tseng was going to leave the room empty-handed.

“It means little to me, too,” he lied.

“I’ll be on the look out for your people,” she said slyly. “The one with glowing eyes will be the easiest to spot.”

“Maybe I’m not going to send anyone after it.”

Scarlet pushed herself off the sofa and stood with her side facing him. “I know you will. That is, if you want to be insubordinate. In which case, the president might exert his authority to either knock you down a few pegs in the company, or even yet, since you know too many secrets…”

“Fear not,” Tseng said, standing as well and gathering his blazer and tie in hand. “When the time is right, you’ll be the one coming to me, asking me questions and putting the bracelet back into my hands yourself.” He turned his back and whipped his blazer over one shoulder. “Have a good night.” He walked to the room’s exit, never looking back. His free hand popped his dress shirt’s buttons back in their holes so that when he emerged into the hallway, there’d be less signs of any wrong doing.

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