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Perfect Little Puppet 
14th-Sep-2006 01:42 pm
Say It
Artist: Moo-chan
Title: Perfect Little Puppet
Rating: Uhm...PG?
Comments: I know I suck. Get on with your lives. I wanted to make a Cloud fan-writing-...thing. So here you all go.

Perfect little mako-dyed glass orbs. Frame wrought of iron, carefully covered in a wrapping light peach plastic, making what would be similar to skin. Sword created of steel. Materia brought forth from the Lifestream. Soft pieces of straw chosen specially from the masses to form perfect blonde locks. Powers amplified by the Mimetic Legacy. Clothed in garments reserved for only the 1st Class. Heart formed of porcelain—beautiful as it is fragile. Persona created and tampered with. Strings tied onto the wrists, ankles, and neck. Wooden cross for control tied to those strings.

Perfect puppet reserved for the perfect puppeteer. The omnipotent son of the Calamity from the Skies.
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