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La da da~ 
14th-Sep-2006 01:53 pm
Say It
Artist: Moo-chan
Title: La da da~
Rating: PG
Comments Another fan-writing-thing. Inspired by Chain of Memories.

Memories scattered along the road. One step forward. Another memory lost. Another memory lost, a false on gained. Each memory is a link in a chain. That chain connects to our hearts. Each link is broken, pulled apart, and forgotten. Another comes to take its place.

How long will that continue to happen? Until the chain is complete? Until all the chains are complete? Will it keep going until our hearts can’t separate the truth from the lies? To the point where we’re not the same person we were before? Will we be changed that easily?

No. The choices are to sleep and regain the old memories, or to stay awake and forget the new. We will choose rest. We cannot allow ourselves to be changed. We can’t forget what was dearest to us forever and we can’t forget what really should be known. Lay us to sleep, she-witch. Lay us to rest.

And we hear the sweet voice sing the lullaby.

Hush, hush, hush, la da da da~~
Hush, hush, hush, la da da la~
Hush now, hush.
Hush, hush, la da da~
Hush, hush, laaa~
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